4 Tips to Take Better Images of Your Children

Hey guys and gals, thank you so much for signing up to my newsletter! Have you ever wondered what rules or guidelines many photographers like to follow while taking images of children? Here are a few tips you can start using to improve your images starting today! 

1. Get on their level - Most adults are taller than their young children, right? They also take pictures standing up while pointing the camera down on them, there is nothing wrong with that but kneeling down and getting the camera lower to their level can make for a much more interesting angle!!  

2. Shade or face away - The sun is pretty harsh here in the Modesto, California area for most of the day and I am willing to bet you have taken images in the direct sunlight which probably caused squinty eyes and maybe even some dark shadows. Those images can be super cute, but if tears start getting in the way take your children and have them play under a nice full tree, preferably without any light leaks on the front of them to get nice even light. Otherwise a great way to use the sun is to face your kids away from it! Have them face directly to their shadow and start clicking! 

3. Rule of thirds - Most camera images are a 2:3 ratio, like a 4x6 or 8x12 shape, there is so much room within that space to put your subject so why constantly center them? Create some interest in your image, especially if you have a great background! See the grid I have on the image below? By having the X land on the little Krystie's face it is creating a point of interest that also balances the subject in the image.

4. Fast Shutter Speed - It's no surprise that kids, once shortly after learning how to walk, will want to run and only run! So we have to be sure that our cameras are on the correct setting to capture everything they are doing without any having blur from their movement.

The shutter in your camera is responsible for the time it takes to take an image, the slower the shutter takes means that more movement is in an image and the faster the shutter goes the lesser amount of movement and camera shake. If you have a point and shoot or a dslr (and now maybe even your phone!) your camera has an automatic setting to speed up the shutter, typically it can be an icon that shows a person running or is called sport setting, you may have to open up the manual to find yours. 

There you have it! Four solid tips on how to take better pictures of your kids, now go out and start implementing these! I would love to see some of the images you come up with, show me what you learned on Instagram by tagging me @Carly_Mynear_Photography on your new and improved images!! Ciao!